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How to Thank a Veteran

by Robert Ungemach November 10, 2017

How to Thank a Veteran

As a Veteran owned business, customers often thank me for my service in the US Army when they are in our store. I am always grateful their thank you.
Today I would like ask a favor in return. Please find and support other Veteran owned businesses.

30% of all American businesses are owned by Veterans, even though we make up only 8% of the population. After completing their service, our Veterans have launched and own 3 million businesses here in the US. We employ 5.7 million people and create $210 million in payroll every year. Together, we contribute approximately 1.4 trillion dollars to the nation’s ecomony.

We work hard to reach those pivotal moments in business; from hiring our first employee to writing our first business plan. Long, hard days come to a turning point, begin to pay off soyou can provide additional benefits for the people that you employ.

This Veterans Day, we will hang out our flags or turn on a green light. Maybe we take the day off and be with the people we love. Parades, picnics and other entertainment may fill the day. There's nothing wrong with any of those things.

I just ask that you take a moment to thank a Veteran and find and support other Veteran owned businesses.

Here are some links to help you find other Veteran Owned Businesses in your area.

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Robert Ungemach
Robert Ungemach