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How Kantha Jewelry is Made

by Robert Ungemach October 31, 2017

How Kantha Jewelry is Made

Up-cycled, sustainably produced jewelry that empowers women and changes lives.

The kantha jewelry we carry came from a project a few years back. Our partner, World Finds Fair Trade was developing a new garland product for the holidays. The artisans they work with were making long strings of beaded garland. They were using old sarees and dhotis to cover the beads in bright colors.

Working with the beads from the garland the designer fro WorldFinds had an idea to create jewelry from the kantha covered beads. What started as a few necklaces and earrings has grown into a wonderful product line we love carrying in our store. Kantha beads are a wholy upcycled product.

How Kantha Jewelry is created:

First the wooden beads are created from wood scraps that are the left overs from other artisan projects.
wood beads
The artisans then cover the wooden beads with repurposed kantha fabric pieces. The artisans create beads of all different shapes and sizes.

The covered beads are then made into the gorgeous, sustainably produced kantha jewelry you find in our store.

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Robert Ungemach
Robert Ungemach