About Opportunity Market

store panoramaAt Opportunity Market®, our mission is to move the world forward a little bit every day. Our mission is even reflected in our name.

op·por·tu·ni·tynoun; a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
mɑɹ·kət; noun; a place where products are bought and sold.

On May 5, 2007 in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas, Keith Emmons and Robert Ungemach opened their first retail store after selling their products at a local monthly outdoor market in Canton, Texas.

Opportunity Market® has grown over the past 10 years; from their humble beginnings to offering expanding list of exclusively handmade products from US artisan to artisans in developing countries around the world.

Keith Emmons“Simon from Nairobi started taking old glass bottles and melting them down to make jewelry. After we started selling his products, he was able to buy a piece of land add facilities and purchase another kiln. Now, he’s taking on apprentices who just graduated from a 12-step program. They’re learning how to make jewelry so they can be entrepreneurs too. They can rebuild their lives because of this,” said Keith Emmons, co-founder of Opportunity Market. 

Robert Ungemach“When you leave with a handmade item from Opportunity Market, you’re not just leaving with the item you purchased. You leave with a connection to the artisan who made it — the story behind your product is like an additional gift, and we love sharing it with every single customer. Through their purchase, each customer participates in a global movement that empowers women and breaks cycles of poverty,” said Robert Ungemach, co-founder of Opportunity Market.

Opportunity Market is connected to many global and local trading partners. Just last year their sales helped the Kumbeshwar Technical School fund primary and nursery school education for more than 210 children in Nepal. Additionally, customers’ purchases assisted the school in training 1,179 women in New Delhi to become financially independent entrepreneurs and artisans.

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