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Recycled Glass Jewelry - How it's made.

Recycled Glass Jewelry

It is quite a laborious process for the artists to create recycled glass jewelry. It all starts with Simon gathering glass bottles from local bars. After the bottles are washed, the labels need to be removed and the bottles broken into little pieces. The little pieces of glass are then put into a kiln to be heated and formed into colorful shapes which the artists use to create our beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Here is peek at the artists at work:

Step 1:
washing the bottles gathered from the junk yards
The bottles are washed and labels are removed.

Step 2:
Joseph breaking the glass bottles into small pieces
After the bottles are washed, they are carefully broken into small pieces. This is Joseph breaking the bottles.

Step 3:
Daniel melting the broken glass in the kiln
The pieces of glass are put into a kiln to be heated and formed into shapes. This is Daniel heating the glass.

Step 4:
Joseph forming beads from the hot glass
This is Joseph forming the glass into a bead.

Simon's Workshop Kenya June 2013

Simon and Alice and their team recycle old bottles and windows and make them into beautiful jewelry.