Global Mamas

Rainbow Marble Necklace

Bright and happy, these colorful and festive earrings are sure to improve your mood and your outfit! Made by women in Krobo, these ethically made earrings feature glass beads that are made from recycled bottles and windows. Keeping them out of a landfill!

The Global Mamas community works together to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families.

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Details & Care:

  • beads are made from recycled glass
  • strung on leather cord
  • adjustable length
  • aproximately 19 inches
  • Due to each piece's individuality, all sizes and lengths are approximate.

We recommend putting on perfume and moisturizer before putting on the jewelry, because the chemicals in those can damage the finishes on the jewelry.

Cleaning Jewelry:

  • Please clean our jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • Please do not put our pieces in chemical baths as this will strip the beads of coatings and destroy the finish on the metals.

More information about Global Mamas can be found on our blog