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Mulberry Bark Wooden Boxed Diffuser

Mulberry Bark Wooden Boxed Diffuser



Enjoy the crisp and soothing blends of Wild Mulberries, Orange Wood, and Cassis. When a candle just isn't enough, add additional fragrance with our dramatic reedless diffuser. The complex fragrance oils soak up and safely saturate the round wooden cap, delivering months of continuous fragrance. The dramatic box and genuine leather tags make this the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!

  • Net Contents: 4 fL oz / 118 ml
  • Useful Life: Several months (depending on actual room conditions)
  • Key Notes: Wild Mulberries, Orange Wood and Cassis, with subtle notes of Bergamot, Citron Zest, Blackberries, White Sage and Crushed Thyme.
  • Fragrance Family: Wood, Fruit