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Small 15 Bell Bird Tota

Small 15 Bell Bird Tota

Small 15 Bell Bird Tota



Also known as Prosperity Hens, Bird Totas are made with patches from different fabric, beads, sequins, multicolored threads and a goat bell. These mobiles owe their inspirations to the sound of goats as they graze in the villages of North India. Fifteen small fabric birds make up each of the string of birds. Because of the different fabric from which these are used, the birds look very colorful.

These bells are strung together and look very pretty when hung on a wall or on either side outside of the door frame. They are believed to bring good luck.

  • Length: 31 inches
  • Bell size: 1 1/2" bell at the bottom

Seven women in a remote village called Chhota Narena, Ajmer, Rajasthan are now responsible for these bird ropes. They have divided the job among themselves. While one woman cuts the fabric, other one sews and the next one stuffs the birds and another adds the sequins. Finally the women fit the bells to the bird rope. These Artists receive the raw materials needed to make these totas in advance. The women make them at the comfort of their home and once the work is completed, they go to the nearest cooperative office in their village to deliver the birds, collect the payment and to get the raw materials needed to make more birds.